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About Us

About Us

Ever contemplated wearable art?

We are a fashion brand that prints casual-wear T-shirts with the most striking and innovative designs. At our center, every T-shirt is given the treatment reminiscent of a canvas. We connect with international artists and source the finest, artistic designs to make every T-shirt a visually-stunning masterpiece. Art in its various forms – creative illustrations, graphics, doodles, and more are hand-picked for the fashion-conscious buyer. And hey, these are exclusive and certainly original, and if you spot an imitation, we’ll say it’s a sincerest form of flattery!

The designs are supported by the names of the illustrator so when you buy a T-shirt on our platform, you’ll be encouraging artists worldwide. As you read this, our team is consistently downing large mugs of coffee (ahem, maybe some fried foods) over creative discussions to put forth the best designs online.

Our revolutionary approach brings to you innovation from around the world right into your closet.

‘Something Black’ is based in the cultural city of Pune, India, and this is where the creative minds function every single day.

Why Something Black?

Black is here to stay. We know it and so do the fashion pundits. Ever heard about Orange or Pink being the new Black? Black is like a force to reckon with. You can’t mess with Black. And you can’t bury it for any season. It’s there. Staring at you at every fashion runway. Sometimes, Black is mixed in a blue. At times, a hint of Black is visible in a red.

Our brand named, ‘Something Black’ denotes the ever changing world of fashion and brings to you an eclectic mix of everything that’s in vogue. Some things are constant (black!), yet nothing is permanent but change (fashion!). That’s ‘Something Black.’

Creative Heads

It takes two to tango. And two heads are better than one. (Well, sometimes!) Meet the creative and restless minds behind this venture.


Status: Downloading creativity. Drowning out the voices in my head! #Work #Inspiration #TShirts

When he is not attempting to strum his guitar to emulate his favorite artistes, Adwait can be seen zooming around on a Royal Enfield in the bustling lanes of Pune city. A legal eagle by profession, his mind worked relentlessly towards his goals, but, his heart was always afloat in the fashion world. While he has worked extensively using his expertise as a Commerce and Law graduate, he always had one dream, one passion. And today, this dream stands tall with ‘Something Black’.

Pssst. If you ever bump into him, don’t borrow his John Grisham books or T-shirts. (He just loves Tees. Err, quite obvious that!) You never know what legal soup you’ll be in!


Status: Deciding the LookBook. In love with my ‘job’. #Love #Happiness #Design #Work

When she’s not juggling numbers, you can probably find her curled up with her favorite books and a mug of coffee. Shachi is constantly innovating and her love for travel widens her creative horizon. While she is a Chartered Financial Analyst and M.S. (Finance) by qualification, she bid adieu to her previous work profiles to find her calling with ‘Something Black’. As a co-founder, she calls the shots when the creativeness spills over.

Psst…. She’s an ardent animal lover and aims to build an animal shelter in the future. You may want to check out her handmade jewelry designs.